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Admission Criteria

Red River Youth Academy accepts adolescent males and females ages 12 through 17 with behavioral and emotional disorders including those related to severe anger, aggression and defiance that are disabling and could not be managed or have not been manageable in a less intensive treatment program.

Criteria for admission include any physical aggression towards others within the last 48-72 hours and up to two weeks prior and an escalating pattern of self-injurious or assaultive behaviors such as:

  • Severe anger outbursts
  • Physical threats against others or themselves
  • Domestic violence
  • Behavioral problems at school
  • Verbally abusive and/or threatening behavior
  • Destruction of property or fire setting
  • Animal cruelty
  • Physical aggression

Other criteria include:

  • No sexual offense history
  • IQ range must be higher than 70
  • Must be medically cleared

If you are considering Red River Youth Academy and would like more information, please call (405) 701-8530 or toll-free (866) 635-7102 to speak to our intake coordinator.

If our admissions criteria do not match your needs, you may view a list of other residential treatment resources here.

Click here for a list of items to bring for intake.

What to Bring

Therapy Process


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Contact Us:
3400 Deskin Drive
Norman, Oklahoma 73069
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Toll Free: 866-635-7102
Tel: (405) 701-8530
Fax: (405) 701-8531

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