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Signs of Suicide in Children and Adolescents

Signs of Suicide in Children and Adolescents

June, 2018

When adults see children and adolescents, they think they are so full of life and have such bright futures. Looks can be deceiving. Young people are sometimes hiding fears, insecurities, and feelings of hopelessness from which they think they cannot escape.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death in those age 10 and 24, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is hard to imagine that to these children, taking their own life seems like the only option. Adolescents may attempt or commit suicide because of mental illness, such as depression, that has not been treated, bullying or cyberbullying, to escape an abusive situation, or other situations that leave them feeling that all hope is gone.
In today’s world of non-stop interaction on social media and the internet, it is hard to avoid the constant barrage of images that make you feel like you or the life you lead aren’t good enough. President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “comparison is the thief of joy.” That was long before social media, but it is more fitting today than ever before.
Teens often attempt to end their life not to die, but to escape the pain they are experiencing. And, they often feel that killing themselves would be the best solution for themselves and their loved ones.
It is important to know the signs of suicide and take action. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) provides this list of signs of someone contemplating suicide:
• Threats or comments about killing themselves
• Increased alcohol and drug use
• Aggressive behavior
• Social withdrawal from friends, family, and the community
• Dramatic mood swings
• Talking, writing, or thinking about death
• Impulsive or reckless behavior

Help is available. If you notice any of these in someone you know or love, please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), call 911 immediately or seek the help of a mental health professional.

Red River Youth Academy is located at 3400 Deskin Drive in Norman, Okla., and serves children and adolescents experiencing serious emotional/behavioral disorders. At Red River, we believe in hope, second chances, and new beginnings. We are dedicated to providing the most effective care for our residents through programs designed to target specific problems faced by youth with severe emotional and behavioral disorders and to teach them new life skills to enable them to succeed in society. For more information, please call (405) 701-8530 or visit



New Adolescent Female Unit Added at Red River Youth Academy

New Adolescent Female Unit Added at Red River Youth Academy

March 29, 2017

Red River Youth Academy is pleased to announce the opening of its new adolescent female unit, offering residential behavioral health treatment to girls 12-17. The facility focuses on treating youth with severe anger, aggression, and defiance, and continues to provide services for adolescent males. Red River will begin admitting adolescent females on April 3.

“We saw a great need in our state and decided to add treatment services for adolescent girls after receiving a growing number of calls from parents looking for help,” said Amy Steely, Red River Youth Academy CEO. Statistics from the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services show an increasing number of adolescent girls received mental health services over each of the past six years.

Located in Norman, Red River Youth Academy treats youth from across Oklahoma and surrounding states. Its treatment program includes individual, group, and family therapy; recreational activities; on-site school; and medication management.

The new adolescent female unit is housed in a separate building from the facility’s adolescent male unit. Staff includes licensed professionals from the disciplines of psychiatry, psychology, counseling, social work, nursing, dietary services, and special education. All staff are trained in trauma-informed and trauma-responsive care.
Red River Youth Academy is accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The facility accepts SoonerCare, private pay, and most insurance.

For more information, call 405-701-8530

Steely named CEO of Red River Youth Academy

Steely named CEO of Red River Youth Academy

November 9, 2016

Red River Youth Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of Amy Steely, LPC, as Chief Executive Officer Amy Steely, LPC, Chief Executive Officer.

Steely had served as the adolescent residential treatment center’s AdmissionsCoordinator since May. She was instrumental in establishing the facility’s day treatment program, Red River Day School, in 2015 and served as Clinical Director for the program during the 2015-2016 school year.

Photo provided by Red River Youth Academy

Steely’s passion is working with children, adolescents and their families to reach their goals and lead healthier, happier lives.Prior to joining the Red River Youth Academy team, she provided individual and family therapy to children, adolescents, and adults at an outpatient, community mental health agency. She also previously served as a therapist, admissions coordinator, and clinical director of a 64-bed adolescent residential treatment center.

Steely is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Armstrong Atlantic State University and aMaster’s Degree in Community Counseling from the University of Oklahoma. She is pursuing graduate studies in School Psychology and Applied Behavioral Analysis to further her knowledge of the unique academic, emotional, and behavioral needs of children and adolescents.

Red River Youth Academy staff honored for supporting youth

Red River Youth Academy staff honored for supporting youth

June 7, 2016

Kerry Hardeman, Red River Youth Academy Supervisor, was recently named Youth Work Professional Supervisor of the Year.

Photo provided by Red River Youth Academy

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Dr. Murray Naugle Award Announcement for

Dr. Murray Naugle Award Announcement for

May 25, 2015

Red River Youth Academy Chief Executive Officer Sara Murray Naugle, M.D., was recently recognized as one of Oklahoma Magazine’s “40 Under 40” and one of The Journal Record’s “Achievers Under 40” for 2016.

Dr. Murray Naugle was profiled in the April issue of Oklahoma Magazine, where she discusses her love of working with a dedicated staff that empowers residents for success and consistently surpasses expectation.
She was presented an Achievers Under 40 award at a May 12 awards luncheon in Oklahoma City and was featured in a special Journal Record publication. The feature article follows her path from medical school to psychiatric facility chief administrator and describes how her passion for helping youth heal and grow has led her to be recognized as a “champion for Oklahoma youth.”

Wes Mason, Dr. Murray Naugle & Brian Hemmert Acheivers Under 40

Red River Youth Academy congratulates Dr. Murray Naugle on this well-deserved recognition.

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