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Red River Youth Academy in Norman, Oklahoma, serves boys ages 8-17 and girls 12-17 experiencing serious emotional/behavioral disorders. We are dedicated to providing the most effective care for our clients through programs designed to target specific problems faced by children and adolescents.  By using self-evaluation, role modeling, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, life-skills training, and formal education we help our clients establish control over their behavior, improve decision making skills, maximize academic achievement, and develop pro-social behavior to replace acting-out responses to anxiety and depression.

While at Red River Youth Academy, clients’ days are filled with activities, formal education, therapy groups, and individual sessions. The program is highly structured because we only have a short time to change 8-17 years of learning experiences. Every waking moment is dedicated to making the needed changes to maximize the potential of each client to acquire the necessary skills to function in our society.
Our treatment program centers on cognitive-behavioral therapy. We take a proactive approach and require the client’s participation as the major change agent in their treatment. We believe that therapy is an educational program and full participation is the route to success.

Our program fosters functional life skills by allowing the client to observe and model behaviors that work more effectively than those learned through past experiences. We teach clients a new way of life that they can recognize as more beneficial than their former dysfunctional patterns of behavior. The program works because it is based on common sense, discipline, responsibility, and basic learning theory concepts that have been proven over time.

An individual treatment plan of care that addresses the specific needs of each client is prepared by a multi-disciplinary treatment team. Our program includes milieu therapy, individual and group therapy, and family counseling. An on-site accredited school provides individualized instruction for each client.

Therapy Process

  • A therapist assesses the client’s educational needs, including level of education, literacy, and functional level. Psychosocial needs, such as relationship issues and the availability of a natural support system, are addressed. Decision-making skills are evaluated. Information is gathered regarding environmental stressors.
  • A registered nurse completes an extensive nursing assessment, the outcome of which is the initial nursing plan of care. This assessment establishes a biophysical data base, including medical history and medications. Self-care needs including sleep, activity, and eating patterns are thoroughly assessed.
  • Psychiatric issues are assessed by collecting confirming information regarding psychiatric treatment history and family psychiatric history. Safety and security risk factors are assessed as one aspect of a full mental status examination.
  • A treatment plan is developed utilizing input from all professional staff, the client and family. This document is signed by all professional staff, the client and the family so that everyone knows the goals and objectives of treatment, how they will be achieved, and how they will be measured.
  • Each client is assigned a primary therapist who works with that individual and his or her support network to address immediate and long-term issues through individual and family therapy. All treatment interventions are tailored to address the problems identified through the assessment and treatment planning process.
  • Initial orientation to the unit. Rules, regulations and program concepts are explained to the client. Family meets with assigned primary therapist who explains every aspect of the program.
  • The client attends school five hours a day on weekdays.
  • The client receives life-skills and decision-making training.
  • There is a weekly treatment team meeting for each client to determine progress in the program and any needed changes in the treatment regimen. The client and parents are an integral part of the process and provide input into changes and concepts of achievement.
  • Family therapy sessions occur once a week and a family contract for discharge is prepared.
  • All clients participate in the therapeutic milieu, which includes unit meetings, group therapy, recreational activities, and client education activities.



Nursing services are provided 24-hours per day. Staff includes a Nursing Supervisor, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses. Medication education occurs during each administration of medicine.


Clients are evaluated by a psychiatrist weekly during their stay. In addition, they are assessed by a registered nurse weekly. A nutritionist also conducts an assessment once per month.


Therapy services consist of a Clinical Supervisor and Licensed Behavioral Health Processionals or candidates for licensure. The department provides a variety of services including but not limited to: psychological assessments, group therapy, and individual and family therapy.


Our educational program consists of five hours every weekday. Every client receives an initial test battery to identify strengths and weaknesses. Classes at Red River Youth Academy are taught by Norman Public Schools certified teachers with more than 20 years of experience working with teens in a residential treatment center type setting. Educational credits are transferred to the client’s home school after discharge.

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